20% Commission Rebate For You & $250 For Charity

When you purchase a home, there are typically two real estate agents involved in the transaction. One agent represents the seller while the other represents the buyer. The agents get paid a commission at the end of each successful sales transaction. The exact commission amount varies, but in our area, each agent’s commission is usually in the range of 2.5% – 3% of the home’s final sale price [*1].

Our rebate program works as follows.When we, Stella & Mike Yacobian, help you buy or sell a property, we will give you a 20% commission rebate. This percentage is taken directly out of our commission and refunded back to our client at the close of escrow. [*2]


$250 For Charity.

As parents, and members of the community, we are committed to helping local and national organizations that are really trying to do good out there. Therefore, we have put together what we consider to be a pretty cool offer. Close escrow with us and we we will donate $250 of our commission to one of the following organizations. *

To learn more about these great organizations please checkout their websites below.




* This offer is only valid if Stella & Mike Yacobian represent the buyer or seller in a successful real estate transaction. The $250 donation comes directly from our commission, taken at close of escrow, on one of our deals. If there is no close of escrow then a donation cannot be made.


Several important things to keep in mind:

  1. Our rebate program must be disclosed in writing to all parties in the transaction.
  2. Our rebate program is subject to lender approval, so buyers must disclose the rebate in writing to their mortgage broker, lender, and/or loan officer as early as possible in the loan application process. [*3]
  3. Our rebate offer is not valid to real estate brokers, agents, or licensed sales people and cannot be combined with other promotions or rebate programs. Our rebate offer is not valid if we have to pay a referral to another agent or broker.
  4. Rebate programs are legal in the state of California. Here’s a link to the U.S. Department of Justice website for you to see for yourself. Link to USDOJ rebates page

[*1] Please note that sellers, when listing a home, determine the commissions received by the agents on either side of the transaction. Your rebate will be determined based on the commission percentage and the final sale price of the home. Furthermore please note that the commissions percentages listed are typical of this area but are not guaranteed to be our commission.

[*2] The rebate may be issued as a credit at the close of escrow or given as a check (mailed within 10 days of close of escrow). The rebate on a short sale is 15%. All rebates are subject to a $10,000 minimum commission share value. Rebates only given on Purchase or Sales transactions that closed after November 1, 2013.

[*3] There may be restrictions with certain loan products, such a VA and FHA loans that may not allow for such rebates. Furthermore, the rebate cannot be used to meet any capital reserve requirements or used as part of your down payment. Our rebate program is subject to a lender’s rules and regulations and their approval.